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Group Coach Consulting

Contact Coach Gunny to deliver a memorable presentation to your school or club's coaches. Coach Gunny specialises in indivualised coaching for the kids - so that is what the coaches will get. Specifics that suit your club/sport/demographic etc. 

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Coach and team consulting

Coach Gunny will work with the coach/coaches of a team to maximise the learning and understanding of the coaches in their journey to be the best they can be. Again, Coach Gunny is about providing the answer you need not what he thinks you need. The coaches will work on specific points to improve step by step.

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Workshops presented to corporate organisations to enhance teamwork and productivity.  Recent feedback to a partner and I from Bill Rose, Supply and Logistics Lead, Amart Furniture:  

Hi Neil and Craig, Just a quick note.  I always try to deliver good news on Friday's and bad news on Monday's.  I feel you both absolutely nailed the team building session today.  You incorporated everything  we talked about and feel you truly listened to what I wanted to achieve and delivered it.   From the style of the presentation to the content, it really matched the audience and had everyone engaged.  I have been through many sessions and external workshops  and I didn't want to leave the room, afraid I would miss something.  Either a cool video, quote or sport team analogy.  Again, very well done and I'm looking forward to other partnerships.   

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Coaching Manuals

Coach Gunny will provide a manual of his coaching expertise designed for different ages and sporting clubs. This can be generic wisdom or again, individualised for your clubs' and coaches' needs.

Craig, I just wanted to pass on my personal sincere thanks for your contribution to AFL and in particular coaching. The recent experiences you have organised with overseas coaches, other sports and the Adelaide meeting has been outstanding towards coach education and relationships. You have challenged coaches to look inwardly and outwardly to improve themselves and how they are coaching myself included.  Very appreciative of your contribution. Regards, Jack Barry - State Coaching & Education Manager, AFLQ

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Customisation and individualised learning is Coach Gunny's message. Let's talk.

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