Revelling in the 'Street': A Grassroots Masterclass II for AFL Football Clubs with Joey Peters

'Grassroots Coaching and Consulting Group', features inspiring teachers from all around the world. Below is the link to the group which features practitioners and researchers from all sports!!! Feel free to join! But, we must remain curious...


Joey taking on former Brazilian peers!

Joey taking on former Brazilian peers!

Can your community club remain relevant? Embrace 'old school' street and backyard learning environments and observe 'real' engagement!

PRACTICAL FIELD demonstration, December 8, 8:30am-10:30am

Wilston Grange Australian Football Club

Hickey Park, Babarra St, Stafford QLD 4053

Free for Wilston Grange Gorillas Family

All others welcome and tickets $25 (Eventbrite or pay at the door)

Hello fellow learners,

Just in time for Christmas, Game Play Learn and Coach Gunny Grassroots Consulting, are providing important sharing and learning events to improve your coaching and organisational outcomes. All PE teachers, sports coaches, academics and parents are invited!

Event Brief:

Building long-term, grassroots club success and youth retention through effective / modern coaching practices, that rejoice in 'old school' street and backyard games

2 hours Field demonstration with Senior QWAFL women, as well as Q&A/Networking

Target Audience:

Coachers, educators, sporting parents and adults interested in learning modern coaching methods designed to facilitate ‘match like’ conditioning / skills, increase local participation and foster long term retention within local clubs and chosen sports

Cafe sales go to the development of the Club.

Presenters -Key Note:

Joanne ‘Joey’ Peters - ‘A’ licensed football coach and coach of ‘grassroots, through to national teams

Professional career spanning Australia, America (New York Power) & Brazil (Santos) paving the way for female soccer players on the international stage

One of Australia’s most capped female soccer players – 110 caps for the Matlidas (Female Australian soccer team)

Australia’s women’s footballer of the year – 2009

Founder of Game, Play, Learn

Featured Presenter & Facilitator

Coach Gunny – Craig Gunn = Level Two AFL coach and coach of 100os and many sports, including, Australian football men, women and youth girls and boys representative teams

Internationally recognized thought leader in Grassroots coaching & development

Pioneering methods to engage the youth of today with coaching practices focused on building game / match skills, called ‘Gunny Madness’ in AFL circles…

Coach Gunny partners with likeminded / high profile coaching leaders to facilitate coaching clinics to help Clubs at the grassroots level to attract and retain players of all ages / gender and educate adult learners in and around the club about the ‘bigger picture’.

Founder Grassroots Coaching & Consulting

Academic Support

Supported by esearchers focused on engaging coaching at the Grassroots level

Yours in learning,

Craig Gunn (Coach Gunny)



Passionate learner and leader!

Passionate learner and leader!

The Grassroots are key to our World!!!

The Grassroots are key to our World!!!