G’Day ‘learners’.

Today’s blog will help sports coaches (and all caring adult stakeholders) to:

Consider the idea of pedagogical sharing to better inform the practice and future of your own and peers’ efforts with learners…

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A recent Twitter conversation got me a little rattled. I ain’t gonna lie…

It featured some UK and Irish sports coaching university academics whose work I respected. It was Saturday morning Australian time so I guessed that they had enjoyed a little too much of vino/amber fluid or the like.

At present there is a debate going on between Education Psychology and Ecological Dynamics. It’s worthwhile, and I like to know that the passion on display of the exponents on both sides is helping our learners.

However, I’m not sure who benefits from this kind of discussion…

(Some stimulus got the ‘It Depends’ movement on edge) Academic One: Can somebody show me where this fun approach is supported in research?

Academics One to Five: HaHaa… (much disparaging mirth at expense of others)

Academic Two or other: Maybe we should all be handing out business cards with baloons on them!

Academics One to Five: HaHaa… (much disparaging mirth at expense of others including the use of words like ‘gimmick’ and ‘props’)

Gunny: Teachers this is disappointing. I respect much of your research but I just presented at the Australian Council of Health Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER, 2019) International Conference and I used baloons.

Academics One to Five: HaHaa… (much disparaging mirth at expense of others including the use of words like ‘gimmick’ and ‘props’)

Gunny: I suggest you teachers have had too much to drink? (four of five tweeters removed their ‘banter’ within 24 hours)

In any case the sole representative left who works for one of the biggest sports organisations in the world in coach development remained. I thank that person for that!!!

Remaining Academic: Craig can you please tell me the research that supports this… Blah Blahhh?

Gunny: Google the Australian Early Years Learning Framework…

I mean really, do I have to do much more?

These are some observations I have noted and speak with some authority having taught/lectured/tutored in H.Ed. for a decade:

1) Public funding is provided to academics from tax-payer dollars YET research is written out in a way that most practitioners can’t understand

2) Most practitioners don’t even know where to find research even when on places like ‘Research Gate’

3) Most interventions are aimed at ‘elite’ sports’ coaches NOT those at the ‘grassroots’

4) MANY interventions don’t work anyhow when the ‘rubber’ hits the road due to socio-political constraints that really can’t be reproduced in a LAB etc…

In truth, the problem is that none of us, the stakeholders are stepping out of our own silos. But in any case, academics, where is your ‘grassroots’ evidence? Show me how YOU teach and coach!!!

Show ME the evidence I require to ‘rate’ your worth…

You see, I am only drinking tea but the missing link in all of your interventions is the HOW not WHAT. Indeed, why the emphasis on NEW research when we ain’t even doing the OLD?

Whenever I am asked to name my favourite coaching authors, I start naming PE teachers of old like: Rink, Launder, Seidentop, Mosston etc etc… AND whilst on a roll, if you really want to get better coaches go and watch a PRIMARY school PE teacher NOT the All Blacks. A bit like Sir Ken Robinson, the book ‘Legacy’ ain’t that special to most of the teachers I know. We know that we survive by living and breathing in as best a supportive environment that we can for unique learners.

Nothing against everybody’s work but we are all unique learners in a most dynamic world!!!

Finally, whilst at it continue sharing and remain curious. There are many ways to learn nowadays outside the hallowed halls of the higher institutions… Thus, how about we work together as curious learners and teachers?

Here is an example but the way: Thanks fellow PE teacher Dale Sidebottom!

Yours in learning,