ENGAGEMENT - Practical Development Workshops for Community AFL Clubs

NEWS: Upcoming learning opportunities in South East Queensland - by, Craig Gunn (Coach Gunny), in collaboration with Simon Black Academy

Recruiting and retaining junior and youth Australian football (AFL) players at community clubs is challenging....

For one thing, you have to accept that kids aren't as excited about kicking a ball around in this fast-paced, modern world.

You also have to find ways of engaging and maintaining volunteers to run 'grassroots' clubs, and when you do, you are just as well to find many lose motivation because of workload.

Plus, there’s the challenge of the 'churn and burn' of our volunteer coaches crucially supporting our young players' development. Importantly, they cry out for help in supporting our young people.

As a result, maintaining growth or survival of your community AFL club is harder than most stakeholders ever dreamed of.

Fortunately, there’s a better way...

Introducing the ENGAGEMENT series, a joint venture between Coach Gunny Grassroots Consulting and Simon Black Academy. ENGAGEMENT provides your AFL club with an all-inclusive Coach/ Adult/ Player development program...so you can relax, knowing you’ve left the teaching that supports the recruitment and retention of your young people to the experts.

With the ENGAGEMENT program, we’ll educate and tailor development services to your club's needs on the 'what', 'why' and the all-important 'how' of supporting your 'unique', individual young learners, so that your organisation is continuously sought-out by players and stakeholders. Indeed you can thrive as the 'go to' club around your locality of any sporting code.

And we’ll provide a digital copy of our learning activities delivered at your club, so you don’t have to worry about anything outside of enjoying, engaging and sharing in the session. This also makes coaching and supporting attendees easier, resulting in a neat scaffolding document, to support your existing, or, yet to be established coaching manual. Plus, because we want to engage deeply with a minority of clubs throughout South-East Queensland, we will allow you to film and distribute our teaching expertise among your coaches and volunteers. This way, you can easily establish a practically referable and easy to understand program that aligns with your club's development focus.

And because we believe so strongly in those that work with us, you’ll never have to worry about disengaged coaches throughout 2019, as we will help you establish and provide ongoing support toward a professional learning community that we will be active members of. This is a special interest of mine as can be seen in this group of worldwide and ‘grassroots’ experts and novices below that is free to join and is all about supporting our young learners:


But perhaps the best thing of all is that we we offer a service that is heavily below market rate for our combined experience. We care about the future of football and will provide absolute 'bang for buck' so that your young people are your key focus.

To learn how the ENGAGEMENT collaboration can make club development paramount for your junior and youth players, speak to Craig Gunn (Coach Gunny) today by visiting www.craiggunn.org, or, by calling 0431311070.

The ‘official’ LAUNCH is less than a month away at Wilston Grange AFC, 26 February, 2019, 6pm sponsored by the club for Gorillas’ adult family. However, all are welcome (any club/sport) for a fee.

We are soon to announce club launch sites of Brisbane south, Moreton, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Darling Downs regions. Keep alert and submit your club’s eligibility for ENGAGEMENT opportunity by, Tuesday, February 5th.

Yours in learning,

Gunny (Craig Gunn, B.Ed. (PE); M.Ed. (Sports Coaching))