G’Day ‘learners’.

Today’s blog will help sports coaches (and all caring adult stakeholders) to:

Consider the idea of coaching ‘head awareness’ to better inform the practice and future of your own and peers’ efforts with learners…

Please watch the fully within the rules impact below which is considered ‘good hard footy’.

I am a Level II AFL Coaches' Association coach, experienced educator of all contexts and well qualified in Rugby Union & League. I shared this vision to a coaching/learning group called, ‘Grassroots Coaching and Consulting’ (Facebook group NOT the page with all welcome to join ) This in the rules ‘hip and shoulder’ was met with some curiousity. We are an eclectic group numbering almost 550 from all around the sporting globe.

As it was widely shared and championed by the AFL I just want to ask: “Will this always be legal?” I have a feeling NO… However, we are just starting to learn a little more about the brain so everything is up for grabs! Yet I know that research including my own suggests that coaches in AFL are very slow at changing their practice, especially at the Grassroots… I try my own bit.  

I've been accused of #AFL bashing when I ask questions...

Love to hear from some brain experts about how wrong I am in my concern either way. However, I remain player first in my reflections here as the teacher that i am.

As for the young BUMPER (and I know it’s in the rules), he could have: tackled with right shoulder, pinned his right ear behind ball carrier's back, locked on left 'lever' (elbow) cut opponent's COG in half, driven him to the ground with leg drive keeping himself safer and opponent too.  

Teachers, what am I missing here w/o 'hate' please?  This is a blindsided shoulder charge for mine. 

AND again, please choose your 're-education' thoughts about me wisely because I have seen many AFL coaches teach & #contact is not highly ranked it seems. Grassroots???

Finally, one more time, can any brain experts please also tell me that this looks OK?

Yours in learning - Gunny

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